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Christmas Cinnamon Spice & Berries Tealights

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A festive fusion of warm and inviting fragrances.  The sweet and spicy scents of cinnamon and clove fill the air, evoking cosy memories of Christmas gatherings. This aromatic blend is further enhanced by the vibrant notes of fresh berries and Valencia orange, adding a touch of brightness and enchantment.

Description: Tealights are perfect for perfuming your living space with your desired scents. They also offer versatility as you can change scents from one day to the next, letting you create the right ambience for the moment. Crafted from soy wax with a lead-free wick, you will enjoy 5+ hours of sumptuous burn time with each tealight. This Christmas Cinnamon Spice & Berries Tealight pack comes with 10 tealights.