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100% Silk Face Masks

100% Silk Face Masks

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Stay safe and super stylish in our new 100% Mulberry Silk Face Masks.

Available in a variety of colours, Tea Rose, Storm Cloud, Silver Mist, Robins Egg, French Navy, Black and Spotty Dot.
These 100% Mulberry Silk face masks will feel extremely gentle and soft on your skin. One of the unique benefits of wearing silk is that it is 100% natural, odorless and hypoallergenic. Mulberry Silk contains a natural protein called sericin that reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction.
Our luxurious silk face masks are re-usable, made with 100% Mulberry Silk - Inner and Outer layer, with an inner layer of Cotton.
Our masks have satin elastic and the sides can be adjusted by Ruching the Silk to your desired fit. This mask has extra chin coverage that stays comfortably in place and does not slip or slide.
Silk is breathable and super light.
Australian made locally in Geelong, Victoria.
A recent article written by Dr. Liji Thomas, MD shares that “the protein material called silk is not only hydrophobic and resistant to the entry of water but also antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial because of the presence of copper, incorporated by animals into their silk. It is used to make surgical sutures.
The researchers found that when used for protection of the face, silk is the most effective at preventing the penetration of droplets, and the least absorptive of water, because of its intensely hydrophobic character compared to the other fabrics tested. In short, the face coverings made of 100% washed silk repelled water just as effectively as masks, but are hydrophobic, unlike the latter, and can be made ready for immediate reuse by sterilization.
This characteristic, coupled with its breathability, and the fact that it does not trap water, makes it ideal for protecting respirators under conditions of clinical exposure, and as a material for home-made for face coverings.
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